200 km Tout Bien Challenge

If you love biking, spaghetti, Samson & Gert and Tout Bien:
A) You're definitely from Belgium.
B) Our Strava challenge will be one of the best weekend plans you’ve ever made.

We designed a 200km bike ride as an ode to our amazing little country!

And finishing it wins you a prize.

Download the Tout Bien route
Grab your bike and a few of your best mates to complete the one and only Tout Bien route. You’ll discover some of Belgium’s most iconic places: The Atomium (of course), Remco Evenepoel’s supporters’ pub, the city hall of Samson & Gert, … 

We admit it’s quite the ride, so we included a stop at Pee Klak! Famous for it's damn good spaghetti and the perfect pitstop to refuel. 

The adventure starts and ends at Colruyt Aalst, the best selling Tout Bien store. You can park your car here, but please keep in mind that the parking closes at 20u00 and isn’t open on Sundays and public holidays. 

Since the route was built for aesthetic purposes, you’ll need to turn back a few times (sorry, there’s just no other way to write the letter ‘E’). We’ve also tried to filter any off-road snippets, but eliminating all of them was impossible. No worries though, the Tout Bien ride can easily be done with a road bike. 
Download the route, load some carbs and have an awesome ride! Good luck <3


Before you jump on your bike… The first 21 people to complete the Strava challenge will receive a free 'Tout Belge' hoodie. But you’ll need to send proof first, you rascals! DM us a screenshot of your Strava achievement on instagram, and we’ll take care of the rest.